AWARE Farm animal welfare

SurnameFirst nameE-mailCountryName of institutionAvailable animal facilities forAvailable facilities for other animalsType and euipment of laboratory facilitiesResearch areas
AlandAndresAndres.Aland [at] emu.eeEstoniaEstonian Research Centre for Animal WelfareDairyPrecision livestock farming.
Angelovi?ovMriamaria.angelovicova [at] gmail.comSlovakiaSlovak University of AgricultureSheep Poultrypigeon molecular biology, behavioural recording, broilers, the principles of welfare, nutrition optimization, mechanism of action of feed, production quality, product safety,
BakutisBronius zoohig [at] lva.ltLithuaniaVeterinary Academy of Lithuanian University of Health SciencesDairyPoultryMicrobiology, genetics, animal reproductive, physiology, small animal clinicDairy cows, beef cattle
BaumgartnerJohannesjohannes.baumgartner [at] fr Tierhaltung und Tierschutz, ViennaDairy, PigsSheeploose farrowing systems, mutilation, killing, slaughter, welfare assessment at different stages of production and integration into quality assurance schemes
BegoutMarie-Lauremlbegout [at] ifremer.frFranceIFREMER Brestfishbehavioural recordingadaptation and behavior
BeKnut Egilknut.boe [at] umb.noNorwayNorwegian University of Life SciencesDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryGoatsMicrobiology etcPositive welfare indicators
BoissyAlainalain.boissy [at] clermont.inra.frFranceINRA TheixBeef CattleSheepStress physiology (hormonal assays and HRV) Behavioural recordings and analysisEmotional basis of welfare: positive emotions Risk assessment of FAW Stress at slaughter
BolhuisLiesbethliesbeth.bolhuis [at] wur.nlNetherlandsWageningen UniversityDairyPigsPoultrybehavioural recordingbehavioural development of pigs social behaviour, emotion and cognition in pigs damaging behaviours in pigs and chickens
BoyleLauralaura.boyle [at] teagasc.ieIrelandTeagascDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepmicrobiology, molecular biology, metabolic profiling, stress physiology, immunologylameness in dairy cattle and pigs, welfare of piglets in large litters, developing carcass information as a welfare surveillence tool
BroomDonalddmb16 [at] of CambridgeDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepPoultrywide rangewelfare indicators
CanaliElisabettaelisabetta.canali [at] unimi.itItalyFaculty of Veterinary Medicine MilanDairyBeef CattlePigsPoultrygoatswelfare assessmentwelfare assessment, animal based indicators
CeronJosejjceron [at] um.esSpainUniversity of MurciaPigsSheep PoultryMetabolic profiling and stress physiologybiochemical aspects of stress stress biomarkers
etinNazmicetin [at] UnivesirtyBeef Cattle,Poultrystress physiology, electrophysiologymay be stress physiology
CooperJonathanjcooper [at] of LincolnBeef Cattle,SheepPoultryAnalytical chemistry, moleculr biology, microbiology, behavioural recordingAnimal helath and welfare
CozziGiuliogiulio.cozzi [at] unipd.itItalyUniversit degli Studi di PadovaDairyBeef CattlePigsPoultrydevelopment of welfare assessment schemes, behavioural recording, metabolic profilingRelation between livestock feeding and FAW, reduction of drug use in animal breeding.
CwynarPrzemyslawprzemyslaw.cwynar [at] up.wroc.plPolandUniversity of Environmental and Life Sciences, WroclawDairySheepPoultryStress physiology, electrophysiology, behavioural recording, biochemical lab.electrophysiology
CziszterLudovic Tomacziszterl [at] animalsci-tm.roRomaniaBanat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine TimisoaraDairyPigsSheep PoultryAll kind of laboratories, from microbiology and molecular biology to soil analysis, behaviour recording, biochemsitry and so oncattle, assessment, economics
Dall AaslyngMargitmdag [at] teknologisk.dkDenmarkDanish Technological InstituteChemical and microbiological laboratoriesDocumentation of animal welfare on the day of slaughter Perception of animal welfare
DALLA VILLAPAOLOp.dallavilla [at] izs.itItalyInstitute Guiseppe caporale, Teramo DairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryepidemiology, risk analysis, animal behaviour,stress physiology, hurban veterinary hygiene,dog ecology, human-animal relationship, disaster managemenet, humane education, trainingfarm & companion animal welfare
De RosaGiuseppegiderosa [at] unina.itItalyUniversity of Naples "Federico II"behavioural recordingbuffalo; welfare monitoring; human-animal relationship.
Dimitrov-IvanovIvaniv.dimitrov [at] dir.bgBulgariaAgricultural Institute - Stara ZagoraDairySheep, PoultryBehavioural recording, Stress physiologyPositive emotion criterion of welfare assessment; temperament, feeding behaviour; Cognition and cognitive affective states in dairy animals
Duvaux-Ponterchristinechristine.duvaux [at] agroparistech.frFranceAgroParisTech Paris goatsmetabolic profiling, stress physiology, behavioural recording, feed component analysis, fatty acid profiles...modelling animal behaviour, especially feeding behaviour adaptive capacities prediction of metabolic disorders individual variability
DwyerCathycathy.dwyer [at] Agriculture CollegeDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepPoultrystress physiology, behavioural recording, metabolic profiling, histology, molecular biology, immune functionwelfare assessment, pain, early life experience, welfare at slaughter, temperament
EdwardsSandrasandra.edwards [at] UniversityDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepPoultryBehavioural problems, welfare assessment, welfare modelling, housing design, disease detectionEnvironmental enrichment, positive emotions, health-welfare interactions, neonatal survival
Fbrega-RomansEmmaemma.fabrega [at] irta.catSpainCatalan Institute of Agricultural Research, Monells Pigs PoultryrabbitsWelfare assessment Behavioural recordingAlternatives to piglet castration Precision livestock farming in relation to animal welfare Cognitive bias Interaction of housing, management practices with genetics in relation to animal welfare
ForkmanBjrnbjf [at] life.ku.dkDenmarkuniversity of CopenhagenPoultryMicrobiology, molecular biology, metabolic profiling, stress physiology, electrophysiologyWelfare consequences of disease
FTHENAKISGEORGEgcf [at] vet.uth.grGreeceUNIVERSITY OF THESSALYDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryLaboratory facilitiesAnimal health
GallmannEvaeva.gallmann [at] uni-hohenheim.deGermanyUniversitt HohenheimDairyPigsPoultrybehavioural recording, Nutrients analysis of manure Precision Livestock Farming as tool for improvement of animal welfare Indicators for animal welfare Monitoring and modells Automatization of data recording for behavioural obesrvations Locomotion and localization of animals inside houses
GaulyMatthiasmgauly [at] gwdg.deGermanyUniversity of GoettingenBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryllama, fishbehvioural recording, molecular biology, mirciobiology, parasitologyPoultry and cattle
GilbertCarolinecgilbert [at] vet-alfort.frFranceVeterinary School Maison Alfort dogs
GiovannaMartelligiovanna.martelli [at] unibo.itItalyFACULTY OF VETERINARY MEDICINE UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA (ITALY)DairyBeef CattlePigsDogsCollaboration with many European colleagues in the framework of the updating of the report on fattening pigs health and welfare done for EFSA in 2007New environmental enrichments for heavy pigs kept on fully slatted floors
Grecka-BruzdaAleksandraA.Gorecka [at] ighz.plPolandPolish Academy of Sciences, Jastrz?biecDairySheepMolecular biology, stress physiology (saliva cortisol), behavioural recording (laboratory animals only)Welfare of sport and leisure horses
GunnarssonStefanstefan.gunnarsson [at] slu.seSwedenSLUBeef Cattle,SheepIndicators of AW Positive emotions Ethics and AW Slaughter, Transport Risk assesssment
HanlonAlisonalison.hanlon [at] ucd.ieIrelandFaculty of veterinary medicine, Dublin DairyBeef CattleSheepWorking with stakeholders to understand their perceptions and behaviour towards farm animal welfare. Investigating surveillance tools of farm animal welfare.
HansenInger inger.hansen [at] bioforsk.noNorwayNorwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk)Beef CattleSheep Semi-domestic Reindeer, horsesTemperature regulation in horses Farming under extensive conditions Electonic fencing and marking of animals Animal welfare in organic production
HarrisMoiramharris [at] Adams University CollegeDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepPoultryI would need to research the details to give accurate answers for my institution, and can do that on requestSow and piglet behaviour and welfare; nutrition-behaviour interactions in sows
HillmannEdnaedna-hillmann [at] ethz.chSwitzerlandETH ZrichDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheep Poultryneurotransmitter physiology behavioural recording sound analysis project planning / conducting in generalwelfare of dairy calves effect of noise on cows and goats group housing systems of horses
Hoxha JahjaArditaarditaj [at] gmail.comKosovoUniversity of PrishtinsDairySheepbehavioral, stress physiology, metabolic profilingFAW inpact on animal products quality.
HuxleyJonjon.huxley [at] Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, NottinghamDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepPoultryHuge range, providing wide coverage across all standard diciplines Dairy cow; Lameness; Production; Endemic disease
ILIEDaniela Elenadanailie [at] yahoo.comRomaniaResearch and Development Station for Bovine Raising , AradDairymolecular biologyimprovement reproduction nutrition
IlieskiVlatkovilieski [at] for Veterinary Medicine SkopjeDairyBeef CattleSheepall lab for functional morphology ( physiology lab, plastination,metabolic profilingbehavioural studies, stress physiology
IllmannGudrunIllmann.Gudrun [at] vuzv.czCzech RepublicResearch institute of Animal SciencePigsBehavioural recording, stress physiologylomg lasting effect of prenatal stress on later behaviour, measuirng of emotions, impact of health on the maternal beahviour,
IvemeyerSilviasilvia.ivemeyer [at] fibl.orgSwitzerlandResearch Institute of organic agricultureSheep Poultrycollaboration in previous EU-projects with other research institutions; collaboration with farms in Germanylow stress slaughter, natural mating, stress reduction and preventive health management in dairy cattle and small ruminants
JensenPerperje [at] ifm.liu.seSwedenLinkping UniversityPoultryMolecular biology, stress physiology, behaviour recordingSame, plus behaviour genetics
JuhsPeterPeter.Juhas [at] uniag.skSlovakiaSlovak University of Agriculture DairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepMicrobiology, metabolic profiles, physiology, stress physiology, behavior recording, Relation among behavior traits and husbandry condition, ontogeny of behavior and physiologic background of behavior ontogeny
JuskieneVioletavioleta [at] lgi.ltLithuaniaInstitute of Animal Science, BaisogalaDairyPigsSheepPoultry Video and audio equipment and software for behavioral recording. Multi-stage viable and non-viable impactors, electronic air samplers for microbiological monitoring of the environment. Modelling the improvement of animal welfare. Development of measures for environmental pollution reduction, measuring Carbon footprints.
KaufmannOttootto.kaufmann [at] and Horticulture Faculty BerlinPigsPoultrysensor based analysing and assessment of animal responds ( behavior) on stress
KnierimUteknierim [at] wiz.uni-kassel.deGermanyUniversity of KasselDairyPoultryEpidemiological research, behavioural observation, health assessmentWelfare assessment; avoidance of mutilations; positive emotions, interactions between health and behaviour
KominakisAntoniosacom [at] aua.grGreeceAgricultural University of AthensSheepPoultryBehavioural recording, meat quality, physiology
KrkovLuciakrskova [at] fns.uniba.skSlovakiaComenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Natural SciencesNoninvasive assesment of stress-related traits
KurtDo?andogankurt [at] gmail.comTurkeyDicle University Sheepstress physiology, microbiology
KyriazakisIliasi.kyriazakis [at] btinternet.comGreeceUniversity of Biological Sciences, LeedsSheepPoultryMicrobiology, behavioural recroding, physiology, metabolic profiling, molecular facilitiesEarly detection of disease and welfare problems the consequences of breeding for productive traits on the welfare of farm animals the consequences of breeding for health traits on the welfare of farm animals the welfare consequences of feedining gmo to lievetsock
LensinkJoopjoop.lensink [at] isa-lille.frFranceGroupe ISA LilleDairyOn-farm welfare assessment Farm buildingWelfare assessment, farm building conception related to animal welfare
LukesovaDanielaLukesd [at] its.czu.czCzech RepublicCzech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS Prague)DairySheep, Poultryeland (Taurotragus oryx), llamas - guanacozoonoses, infectious diseases, parasitology, metabolic profile, molecular biology, behavioural recording etc.Pariticaption on development projects abroad with local universities on the base of exchanging of PhD students (Mongolia, Nepal, India and in the other asian countries...)
MantecaXavierxavier.manteca [at] uab.esSpainAutonomous University of Barcelona PigsSheep PoultryStress physiology and behavioural recordingEconomics of welfare and relationship between animal welfare and environmental issues
ManteuffelGerhardmanteuff [at] fbn-dummerstorf.deGermanyLeibniz Insitute for Farm Animal BiologyDairyBeef Cattle Pigs goatEndocrinology, bioacoustics, heart rate analysisPositive emotions / affects in farm animals, impact of emotions on health, vocalization analysis
MarosKatalinmaros.katalin [at] kti.szie.huHungarySzent Istvn UniversityDairyPoultrystress physiology
MaticsZsoltmatics.zsolt [at] ke.huHungaryMTA-KE reserach group of animal breeding and hygiene, Kaspovarabbitbehavioural recordingrabbit, welfare, behaviour
Matkovi?Kristinakmatkov [at] vef.hrCroatiaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine University of ZagrebDairyPigsSheepmicrobiology, stress physiology, molecular biology, behavioural recording, water analysis, microclimate analysisasses current condition of animal welfare in our animal facilities
MazlumHalithmazlum [at] of Gum?hane Dairy as Microbiology.-shelter conditions -cutting -transport
MejdellCecilie cecilie.mejdell [at] vetinst.noNorwayNorvegian Veterinary InstitutePathology. Microbiology (bacteriology, virology, mycology, serology. Epidemiology. Parasitology.Calf welfare (e.g. systems allowing cow and calf contact) Group housing horses, including climatic challenges Welfare protocols, welfare surveillance Improved stunning/killing systems, and transportation (various species, including fish and reindeer) - mobile slaughter plants Welfare technology (especially in fish farming) Improved winter housing of sheep
MENTEELENIemente [at] uth.grGreece University of ThessalyFishmolecular biology, microbiology, nutritional physiology, behaviour recording, electron microscopyUnderstanding fish metabolism and its response to changing nutritional components.Examine physiological responses to nutrients for the development of next generation feeds which will impact on fish health and welfare.
Meunier-SalanMarie-Christine Marie-christine.salaun [at] rennes.inra.frFranceINRA Saint-GillesPigsBehavioural recording, feeding behaviour, animal welfare modelling, stress physiology, immunology Alternative housing systems, feeding behaviour, human-animal relationships, social behaviour, immunity , stress physiology
MICKIENERUTAmickiene [at] lva.ltLithuaniaVeterinary Academy of Lithuanian University of Health SciencesDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryMicrobiology, Animal welfare research, Food raw material research, Physiology research laboratory, Biochemistry research laboratory.Animal hygiene, Food safety
MoeRandi [at] nvh.noNorwayNorwegian school of veterinary scienceSheepPoultryBehavioural recording, electrophysiology, molecular biologyEmotions, pain perception in fish, Basic questions: Emotions, learning and cognition in animals Development and validation of new methods to assess stress in animals Applied questions: welfare protocols, broiler chicken welfare (transportation) Rearing of laying hens
mounierlucluc.mounier [at] vetagro-sup.frFranceVetagAgroSup / INRA Lyonwelfare of dairy cows comfort of resting pain assessment
MunksgaardLenelene.munksgaard [at] agrsci.dkDenmarkAarhus UniversityDairyPigsPoultryMinkDirectly related to FAW: Behavioural recording, stressphysiology, metabolic profiling, microbiology, immunologyAutomatic recodring of behaviour as predictor of production diseases and for on-farm assessment of animal welfare New housing design Man-animal relationsship in a broad context
Nanni CostaLeonardoleonardo.nannicosta [at] unibo.itItalyUniversity of BolognaPigsstress physiology, behaviourl recordingprotection of animal during transport and slaughtering
NapolitanoFabiofabio.napolitano [at] unibas.itItalyUniversit della BasilicataAnimal behaviourhuman-animal relationship, willingness to pay, high welfare animal products, welfare of extensive reared animals
NicolChristinec.j.nicol [at] of bristolPigsSheepPoultryMicrobiology, molecular biology, stress physiology, threshold testing, behavioural recording,Development of methods of assessing animal welfare, validation of welfare indicators, assessment strategies for on-farm welfare audits, measuring pain, developing cognitive indicators of animal emotion, animal welfare and sustainable farming
NowickiJacekj.nowicki [at] ur.krakow.plPolandUniversity of Agriculture in KrakowPigsSheepBehavioural recording, assessing the welfare of pigs in various housing conditions. Cognitive abilities of pigs.The impact of environmental stimuli on the behaviour of pigs (mainly different types of environmental enrichment for sows in periparturient period, weaners and fatteners) as well as the cognitive abilities of pigs in different age and their adaptation abilities. The visual and olfactory preferences of pigs concerning the environmental enrichment objects.
O'ConnellNiamhniamh.oconnell [at] University BelfastDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepPoultryRats, mice, rabbitsPathogen labs (microbiology)(CL 2 and 3), molecular biology, chemical contaminant labs (metabolic profiling), stress physiology, behavioural recording, antibody production facilities and cell culture lab, virology labReducing harmful social behaviour in laying hens and pigs, reducing lameness in cattle and broiler chickens, identifying novel welfare indicators, quantitative risk assessment
Ofner-SchrckElfriedeelfriede.ofner-schroeck [at] raumberg-gumpenstein.atAustriaAgricultural Research and Education Centre RaumbergDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryBehavioural recording (video, heart rate, standing/lying sensor, ruminations sensors); stable climate measurement equipment; rumen sensor (continuous measurement of ph and temperature); chemistry (mainly feed stuffs nutrient composition, minerals and trace elements); rumen fistulated animals (laboratory animals); floor slippery measurement techniquewelfare, feeding and nutrition in cattle, transfer of knowledge concerning FAW into practice, smart technologies in farm animal welfare research (sensors, HRV, etc.), animal based and environmental based parameters for assessment of FAW, handling of cattle
OhlFraukef.ohl [at] uu.nlNetherlandsVeterinary FacultyPigsPoultry, rodentsgenetics, stress physiology, behaviourpositive welfare, biology of welfare, adaptation, ethical frameworks
ZKANSEZENsezen.ozkan [at] University, faculty of Agriculture, DairyPoultrygoats Stress physiology, Microbiology, molecular biologyLighting manuplations affecting welfare of birds Welfare assesment in broilers and turkeys ( on farm and slaughterhouse). Welfare of laying hens during depopulation. Welfare of meat type animals (broiler, turkey, beef, sheep) during transportation and heat stress. Possibility to improve welfare by using pre and post natal conditioning to environmental challanges e.g. heat, cold
PavicicZeljkozpavicic [at] vef.hrCroatiaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine University of ZagrebDairyPigsSheep, Poultrylaboratory animalsmicrobiology, molecular biology, stress physiology, microclimate measurement, behavioural recording etc.animal environmental enrichment
PendovskiLazolpendovski [at] for veterinary medicine-SkopjeDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryMolecular biology,Genetics and molecular biology.
RodenburgBasbas.rodenburg [at] wur.nlNetherlandsWageningen UniversityDairyPigsPoultrystress physiology, applied animal behaviour, damaging behaviour, neurobiology, epigeneticsBehaviour, genetics, social behaviour, damaging behavior, large group housing systems, behaviour, stress physiology, immunology, genetics, neurobiology
Sabuncuoglu CobanNiluferncoban [at] University College of VeterinaryDairyBeef Cattle,SheepPoultryVeterinary Basic Sciencesslaughter husbandry environmental conditions
SarenboSirkkusirkku.sarenbo [at] lnu.seSwedenUniversity of Linnaeuslaboratory animalsseveral laboratories (biology, microbiology,, marine ecology aso)cattle welfare during transport, lairage, restraint during slaughtering (Bangladesh)
SauerweinHelgasauerwein [at] uni-bonn.deGermanyUniv of Bonn Institute of Animal ScienceDairyPigsPoultryMicrobiology, molecular biology, metabolic regulation, endocrinology, stress physiology, activity recording, milking characteristicsDairy cows: balancing yield and health
Sava?Trkertsavas [at] Onsekiz Mart UniversityBehavioral recording, physiologyHigh Extensively Goat and Sheep Production
SeviAgostinoa.sevi [at] unifg.itItalyUniversity of FoggiaStress physiology and gene expressionSheep welfare monitoring, welfare and epigenetics, stress physiology and immunity
SchraderLarslars.schrader [at] fli.bund.deGermanyInstitute of Animal Welfare and Animal Husbandry, CelleBeef Cattle PigsPoultryapplied ethology, farm animal transportapplied ethology, farm animal transport
SOSSIDOUEvangeliasossidou.arig [at] nagref.grGreeceNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH FOUNDATIONDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultryMicrobiology Molecular biology Behavioural recording Parasitology Food analysisDeveloping FAW indicators in different production systems FAW during transportation
Speroni Marisanna marisanna.speroni [at] entecra.itItalyUniversity of Agriculture SacroCuorreDairybehavioural recording heart rate variability recording metabolic profiling hematological profiling serum-proteins profiling plasma and erythrocytes oxidative status measuring Dairy cattle Lameness Comfort/flooring surface Coping style Heart rate variability Locomotion Sustainability
SpinkaMarekspinka.marek [at] vuzv.czCzech RepublicResearch institute of Animal ScienceDairyBeef CattlePigsMolecular biology, reproductive biology, nutrition analysis, animal emotions, social behaviour, group behaviour, behavioural synchronisation, acoustic communication, pig behaviour, cattle welfare
SpoolderHanshans.spooler [at] wur.nlNetherlandsWageningen Livestock ResearchDairyPigsPoultryEthology, stress physiology, welfare policies, organic husbandryAll of the above
StefaniakTadeusztadeusz.stefaniak [at] up.wroc.plPolandPolish Academy of Sciences, Jastrz?biecDairy wild animalsimmunochemistry, molecular biology, cell researchEthological assessment of farm animals, the utilization uf acute phase proteins in welfare evaluation
Szendr?Zsoltszendro.zsolt [at] ke.huHungaryKaposvar University behavioural recording, evalution of productive, carcass traits and meat qualityrabbit, behaviour, welfare
stnerhakanustuner15 [at] hotmail.comTurkeyVeterinary Faculty , BursaDairyBeef Cattle,SheepPoultrygenetic lab.sheep and beef cattle
ValrosAnnaanna.valros [at] helsinki.fiFinlandUniversity of Helsinki, Faculty of Veterinary MedicineDairyPigsPoultryBehavioural recording, endocrinal analyses using eg RIA and ELISA, microbiology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, immunology, gas- and liquid chromatography, clinical chemistry, heamatology.innovative husbandry systems increasing animal welfare; ontogeny and effects of maternal environment; health and animal welfare; pain and pain management; animals and the society; environmental enrichment; technological methods for measuring animal welfare
von BorellEberhardeberhard.vonborell [at] landw.uni-halle.deGermanyMartin-Luther-Universitt Halle-WittenbergPigsSheepPoultrybehavioural recording, metabolic profiling, stress physiologyAnimal housing improvement, pain assessment and alleviation, basic needs
VoslarovaEvavoslarovae [at] vfu.czCzech RepublicUniversity of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences BrnoDairyBeef CattlePigsSheepPoultry
VucemiloMarija vucemilo [at] vef.hrCroatiaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine University of ZagrebDairySheepmicrobiology, molecular biology, stress physiology, drinking and waste water analysis, microclimate measurement animal welfare assesssment
WechslerBeatbeat.wechsler [at] art.admin.chSwitzerlandVeterinary Public Health Institute of BernDairyBeef Cattle,PigsSheepgoatsBehavioural recording Stress physiology Functional near-infrared spectroscopyImprovement of housing conditions Pre-testing of mass-produced housing systems and equipment Development of measures to assess animal welfare Coping with new technology Effects of ontogeny on the behaviour and welfare of adult animals
WincklerChristophchristoph.winckler [at]; marlene.kirchner [at] of Natural Resources and Life Sciencesbehavioural recording, heart rate monitoring, EEGsleep in ruminants, social networks, on-farm welfare assessment, health and welfare planning,refinement of AW assessment protocols for cattle
WerbelHannohanno.wuerbel [at] vetsuisse.unibe.chSwitzerlandInstitute of Veterinary Public Health of BernePoultry Laboratory Animals, Rabbitsbehavioural recording, stress physiology, transponder technology welfare friendly housing systems, methodological basis for assessing the effect of husbandry aspects on their appropriateness evaluation of housings systems and installations in regard of animal welfare
YILDIZAhmetahmt25 [at] profiling, microniyology, stress physiology,pharmacology,anatomy, histology, biochemistry, pathology, virology, parasitology, surgical practice,Transport, shelter